"Experiencing the Psalms"

When was the last time you really focused on any of the Psalms? What are they? Why were they written? For whom were they written? When were they written? Can they tell us anything about ourselves and today's world? Did you know that the Book of Psalms uniquely reflects individual responses to God's revelation of himself? 


Through music, visual imagery, narration, interpretation, and discussion we will take a look at just a few of the psalms and try to answer some of those questions posed above. We will look at how the authors poured out their prayers, longings, confessions, laments and thanksgivings to God and the relevance they have for us today.

This bible study was begun last February and we looked at six psalms. As a class, we decided we wanted to continue with the rest of the psalms covered in this study. If you were in this class last year please bring your folder with you or let me know so I can get you a new one.

This class will meet for six weeks on Tuesdays from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM beginning September 17 and running through October 22. There is nothing to buy, just come and share in the wonders of the Psalms. If you have a favorite Bible translation you might want to bring that with you. Please let Jackie Ackerman know if you are interested in attending so materials can be ready for you (793-1594) or put a note in her mailbox.


I am looking forward to sharing this experience with you. See you
Sept. 17th

Join Carly for a Book Study!!!

Wednesdays at 5:30 beginning September 25th in the parlor Pastor Carly will lead a book study using the book “The Time is Now; a Call to Uncommon Courage” by Sister Joan Chittister.  Sister Joan is an advocate for social justice and personal and spiritual fulfillment. She invited us to become prophets in our own time by echoing the prophets found in the Bible. 

No doubt we will not all agree with Sister Joan.  Even so, all voices are welcome to join the discussion.  Pastor Carly practices the art of conversation where disagreement is welcome.  We will arrive as friends in Christ and let the Spirit lead us in our conversation.  We will part as friends in Christ knowing the Spirit will lead us all toward God’s truth. 


Please sign up for this study on Pastor Carly’s office door by September 15th so books can be ordered.  This study is a come when you can group that will have some reading ahead of each class.  Questions? Talk with Pastor Carly.

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