I was born and raised in Baraboo, Wisconsin, a small town near Devil's Lake State Park. As a result of living close to the lake, I easily experience God in water. That is one of the reason I truly enjoy living in Manitowoc. Lake Michigan is a place to find recreation, pleasure, people and the majesty of God.

I have shared ministry with congregations, large and small, throughout the state of Wisconsin. Sharing ministry with Lakeshore congregation is a joy. People in Manitowoc and Two Rivers value God, family and church. Worship here is filled with really good singing, prayers and love for God.

I love having fun. If worship, the church and church activities are not fun at some level, I don't want to be there and I figure no one else does either. People who live in this community know how to have fun, laugh, and still take life and faith seriously. We care for one another in difficult times and joy-filled days.

You might see me around town riding my Segway, scooter or driving a classic Miata convertible. I am one of the few Smart Car drivers in the area. If you see me, please say hi. Be my guest for a beverage at one of the local coffee shops or stop in at  Lakeshore church to say hello and spend some time getting acquainted.