The Gift That Keeps on Giving...Heifer Project International

Our Sunday School students are continuing their support of the Heifer Project through reading. Read about it in your February newsletter or ask any Sunday School student.  If you would like to donate to the Sunday school's online “Read to Feed” effort, you may do so with the following link or make your donations to the church office marked “Read to Feed”.

The mission of Heifer Project International is to end hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth using gifts of livestock, seeds, trees and training in sustainable agriculture community development projects to help millions of people become self-reliant.

Since 1944, Heifer International has helped transform the lives of more than 18.5 million families (94.5 million people) by giving them gifts of cows, goats, and other livestock. Along with animals, families receive training in animal care and conservation for environmentally sound agriculture development. There is also training in community development, gender equality, sharing and caring, strategic planning and other subjects as needed, including literacy.

The process takes several years and is not declared successful until the community shows sustained improvement in nutrition, income and self-reliance. Each family that receives an animal agrees to Pass on the Gift by sharing the first born female offspring of their animal with another family in need, so each gift of livestock starts a chain of self-reliance that spreads throughout entire communities.

Make this a memorable Christmas!

This year we begin a new Christmas gifting project by "Filling the Ark." Watch for the display. Select an animal to put on the Ark and make a donation to cover the cost of that particular animal. Let's fill the Ark by Christmas Day!

Some of the animals with which we want to fill the Ark are:

  • Heifers provide hungry families with a steady source of milk to drink or sell, and a calf to pass on to the next family.

  • Water Buffalo is really three gifts in one...tangy milk, draft power to help plow a field and organic fertilizer to help improve crop yields.

  • Llama and their cousins Alpaca provide soft wool to families living in high altitude climates, so they can make sweaters, hats and gloves.

  • Goats give families rich, nutritious milk and can thrive in many of the harshest climates where Heifer works.

  • Sheep means wool to make warm clothing, or sell for extra income.

  • And also Pigs, Rabbits, Honeybees, Chickens, Ducks & Geese