Do not be afraid to fight hatred

78 years ago the world went to war to defeat nazi ideology and those who promoted it. The ideology went underground. Given permission, nazi ideology is back. I pray we don't have to fight a civil war to defeat it this time. But, I will do everything in my power to keep that evil from taking over our nation. We cannot claim the name Christian and stay silent. We cannot claim to love God if we allow hatred to be celebrated. The first thing each of us can do to fight hatred is look at others, especially those who are different than we are, as beloved children of God. The next thing is to get up and go visit a place in the community in which we live and get to know people who look, think and believe differently than we do. One more thing we can do; confront any statement, joke, side remark or action that demeans another race. I love peace. I suspect most do. But, we cannot be afraid to stand up and confront an evil ideology.

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