January 12, 2020 sermon
Disruption based on Acts 11: 11- 18


Sundays at 8:30 and 10:30 for worship, and 9:30 for Sunday School or the Sabbath Cafe

Sunday School has Started

Come and join us starting at 9:30 on Sundays for our Sunday School class. We would love to have you as we learn about God and his Creation.

Shoes are made for FUNDRAISING. Bring your gently used shoes to church to help raise funds for the building and to help people in need of shoes in other countries.

Welcome to Lakeshore

Here you will find information on the programs, ministries, activities and worship at Lakeshore Church.  After looking it over, I hope you will spend some time with us on Sunday morning or during the week. Everything we do at Lakeshore is open to members, friends and guests.  Lakeshore welcomes all people exactly as we are with love and acceptance. So, come worship with us, study with us, have coffee with us or anything else that catches your eye.  Feel free to stop in my office for a beverage and conversation. I would enjoy getting to know you. 


Blessings, Carly Kuntz

If you're not comfortable joining us while the parking lot is being reconstructed, please consider joining us via Livestream.

The Parking Lot

will be gravel for 

all of winter due to construction. Please be careful. 

Click on the links below to watch the Livestreamed 10:30am CDT services.

Recently Archived Services

1  Dec 2019 "A Voice of Hope"

8  Dec 2019 "A Voice of the Prophet"

15 Dec 2019 "A Voice of Mary" (experienced technical difficulties)

22 Dec 2019 "A Voice of Joseph"

24 Dec 2019 - 1pm "A Voice of the Shepherd"

24 Dec 2019 - 3pm "A Voice of an Angel"

24 Dec 2019 - 7pm "The Voice of God"

29 Dec 2019 - "10 Marbles"

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Click here to watch the Music to Remember concert recorded via Livestream on Wednesday, November 7th.

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